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If you have comments, questions, corrections, praises, or whatever, or just want to get in touch with us, please send us E-mail (feedback at ericandlucie.com). We respond to all e-mails. Sometimes, if we're in the bush, it can be a few days (weeks?) before we get to our mailbox, so be patient.

We have Sponsors Again!

GU Sports has also agreed to help us with preferential pricing on their GU products. We've been addicted to their Chocolate Outrage GU energy gel ever since we first tried it several years ago. Eric in particular had always had trouble maintaining a steady blood sugar level on long climbs, and energy gels have made a tremendous difference. We would never get on a long route without a good supply of these. Besides, chocolate GU is just sooo yummy! We also like their Lemon Sublime during those hot summer days!

Cuckoo Covers was nice enough to agree to give us a sizeable discount on their spandex bike covers. Since our bikes will spend most of their time in the sun, rain, and exhaust gases and soot from the bus, we wanted some way to keep them protected. Cuckoo covers are tight-fitting, stretch spandex covers that look good and are easy to install on any roof-mounted bike. Hopefully, they'll survive the fairly harsh use well expose them to.

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