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Hey, for once we're posting a page about a place while we are still there! Don't get used to it...

We arrived in Québec on January 9, 2009. We sub-leased a very cute two-story apartment on Rue St-Jean, just inside the fortifications. It's just about the liveliest place in town. It's fun being in a city for a change. If you ignore the really ugly suburbs and concentrate on the downtown area, Québec is a very pleasant city. It's small enough that you can walk just about anywhere, or - when necessary - climb onto one of the numerous busses to reach more distant destinations. The people here are also extremely friendly and welcoming, a bit of a change from New England.

Eric managed to hurt his hand on the 11th (two days after we got here!), while approaching a route (which we never found...) and was unable to climb for about a month. We spent that time enjoying the city. Even though we had plenty of time to work on the site during that time, the last thing we wanted to think about was climbing... too frustrating.

Since February 9, we have been climbing again. Our focus in the last few weeks has been on trying to get back in shape for some of the long classic routes we desperately want to do. Hope we can get there before the season is over...

In the process, we've climbed at the Chutes Montmorency a few times (only 6km from home), went to Pont Rouge once, and climbed two area classics, Topaze and Maineline (OK, this one is not exactly in Québec, but it is closer to Québec city than just about anywhere else), and spent a couple days exploring the Saguenay region, climbing La Dent de Dracula along the way.

Not much in the way of reports yet. We use the map below to plan our trips from Québec city (Québec is so huge!). We also collected a number of pictures of the city of Québec.

Eldorado Peak, East RidgeRoan Wall, Center StageBurgundy Spire, W Ridge of Paisano & North FaceChianti Spire, Rebel YellGoat Wall, SisyphusGoat Wall, Prime RibWeather Forecast: MazamaWeather Forecast: IndexWeather Forecast: DarringtonWeather Forecast: Washington PassWebcam: North CAscades N.P., Newhalem Visitor CenterSouth Early Winter Spire, Southwest RibSilver Star Mountain, Silver Star GlacierJuno Tower, Clean BreakThe Minuteman, East FaceLexington Tower, East FaceGoat Wall, Restless NativesEast Wilmans Spire, Beckey-StaleyInspiration Peak, East RidgeMount Shuksan, Sulphide Glacier (ski)North Twin Sister, West RidgeRuth Mountain, Ruth GlacierThe Kone & Tidbits, 3 O'Clock WallMain page for Index and Static PointTrip report on "Online" at Static Point

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Chateau Frontenac, and icon of Québec city.
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This is Québec, not Canada!
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Chutes Montmorency, a very convenient practice site only minutes from the city.
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Tugboat on the St-Laurent, in Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, about 100km north of Quebec city (it was -30C that day).
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Rooftops of the "Petit Champlain" area, seen from the Terrasse Dufferin.
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Topaze, a classic moderate of Quebec.
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MaineLine, a gorgeous steep line in neighbouring Maine is easily accessed from Québec City.
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Views of the gorgeous Fjord of the Saguenay, three hours north of Québec city.

Ice Climbing in Québec

January 9 - March 23, 2009