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May 26, 2007: OK, we've finally completed the last remaining pages for the 2003-2004 trip! This site is now complete... not a day too soon, given that it's been over two and a half years since we finished the trip.

We have now been on the road again for 6 days on a new trip (we left Los Alamos on May 20!!). Hopefully, we'll find the energy to document this in a new site... Look for that within the next few weeks.

New pages: Nemesis, Left Hand of Weeping Wall, Polar Circus, West Face of Mt Shasta, Mt Mc Loughlin and Thielsen, Canadian Rock : The Gmoser Route on Mt Louis, the East Ridge of Temple, The Bugaboos (NE Ridge of Bugaboo Spire, Sunshine Crack on Snowpatch, a new Red Rocks page which includes, La Cierta Edad, Frigid Air Buttress,Wholesome Fullback and The Gobbler (a direct start to "Dream of the Wild Turkeys") in Red Rocks, Cragging at Granite Mountain and King Dome, The Wasteland and Days of Future Passed in East Cochise Stronghold.

In the Abiquiu valley, New MexicoWelcome to Eric and Lucie's Bus/Climbing trip web site!

On the summit of Dragontail Peak, WAWe are two temporarily-retired engineers & climbers who have decided to suspend their professional careers and otherwise "normal" life to undertake an 18-month long (or more...) road trip to climb throughout North America.

Originally from Belgium and France, we have lived in the USA for several years. We started climbing in 1995, after moving to the small town of Los Alamos, in Northern New Mexico. Climbing instantly became a life-altering passion for us and has occupied every hour of free time since. We practice most every form of climbing on rock, waterfall ice, alpine terrain, and high mountains, with a preference for longer multi-pitch technical routes. Before this trip, we have climbed extensively through the Western US, as well as occasionally in Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, France, and Italy (for more details, click here).

Lucie on "Power Failure", 5.10b, Red Rocks, Nevada

Eric on the Kor Ingalls, Castleton Tower, UTEric on "Jeff Lowe's Demo", a WI5+ in Ouray, COIn January 2003, after many years of intense "weekend warrior" climbing life, we decided to take the plunge: we both quit our full time engineering jobs and vacated our rental apartment to go spend a good part of our savings on the road, climbing as close to full time as weather and physical ability would permit.

A year earlier, we'd purchased an old 1963 GM 4106 passenger coach, which had been converted into a motor home by a retiree in California. This bus would become our only home for the duration of the trip.

This site is essentially an account of our trip. As we do not have internet connections or cell phones, it will also hopefully help us keep in touch with friends and family. The site contains mostly photographs, as well as short summaries of our adventures along the trip. Do not expect English literature here, just an honest account of our experiences.

The photographs included in the site are shown as low/medium resolution thumbnails. Higher resolution images (JPG files around 500KB) can be viewed by clicking on any thumbnail. Full resolution images (about 1MB+ each) can be obtained if desired by requesting them by e-mailing webmaster at ericandlucie.com.

All contents, including logos, text, trip reports and pictures are copyrighted to the authors of this site; please ask for permission before using them for anything other than personal viewing.

Lucie working hard on the siteWe will try to update this site as frequently as possible, but depending on the availability of suitable internet connections in public libraries and university campuses across the country and Canada. Since going out to climb will always take priority over editing a web site (duh!), there may be times (like long periods of good weather!) when we fall behind (way behind).

This is also our first ever attempt at producing web content, so you are likely to experience glitches in navigating the site... our apologies in advance for those, and please do not hesitate do send your comments (and bug reports) to us at webmaster at ericandlucie.com.

Thanks for Visiting.

Lucie Parietti and Eric Ponslet.